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We are one the leading manufacturers and exporters in China of artificial flower, artificial polyester life-like plants, stem flower, flower arrangement, greenery bushes, foliages, trees of real and artificial trunk.

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Item No.B2164
Desc:Calla Sunflower Bush
Item No.H2566
Desc:32" Single Sunflower
Item No.H2628MP
Desc:Med.Sunflower x 3
Item No.H2630MP
Desc:Sm.Sunflower x 3
Item No.H2632
Desc:Sm.Sunflower Bud x 2
Item No.H2633
Desc:Lg.Single Sunflower (Knock Down Pack)
Item No.1542FL
Desc:29"Med. Sunflower x 3 (Flocked Stem Lvs)(Flw Knock Down Pack)
Item No.1740
Desc:31"Desert Sunflower
Item No.1794
Desc:24"Small Sunflower x 3 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1795
Desc:28"Small Sunflower x 6 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1796
Desc:30"Sunflower x 3 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1797
Desc:32"Sunflower x 5 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1797A
Desc:Sunflower x 5 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1815
Desc:27"Sunflower x 2 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1815X1
Desc:27"Sunflower x 1 (Flocked Stem Lvs)
Item No.1818X8
Desc:44"Giant Sunflowerx1Flwx1Budx8Lvs(Knock Down Pack)(Discontinous)
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